Gone Gone Out of Sight

Don't Start Me to Talking

V-8 Ford


She's into Something

Stick In

Little Love

44 Blues


Randy Volin and the Sonic Blues

Produced by Randy Volin

Randy Volin - Vocals & Guitar

Micky Stevens - Ludwig Drums, Alesis D-4

Billy Landless - Music Man Bass

Darien James - Harmonica, Fender Amps, Vocals on V-8 Ford

Bob Hecker - Tobias and Yamaha Bass , backing vocals

Chris Codish - Hammond Organ


Mastered by Don Julin at The Cloning Lab

Photos - Brad Shaw

Correspondence: During Recording...  

Randy Volin & The Sonic Blues

12 S. Broadway

Lake Orion, MI 48362




Recorded: ROSCOE'S RECORDING DETROIT, MI. USA. 313-884-6819


Randy Used the Following Gear During Recording


1954 STRAT (#0675)

1955 TWIN AMP (#0104)

1956 STRAT (#09175)

1957 STRAT (#34052)

1959 STRAT (#42646)

1960 JAZZMASTER (#49697)

1961 GIBSON ES 335 TDC (#40576)

1962 STRAT (#L12752)

1963 STRAT (#96161)

1965 VIBROLUX REV (#A03114)

1966 DELUXE REV (#A16300)

1967 TELE CUSTOM (#205497)



Special Thanks...

to all those who helped along the way, my 2 loving daughters Brittney & Breanne, Mom, Sue Gershon and family,Trixie, Fender,Gibson, Geoffrey Teese, Lindy Fralin, Rob Noll, Robert Jr. Whithall, The Detroit Blues Society, All N.P.R., Big City Blues Mag, Sushi Bars, George Yontz, Mike Koontz, Albert Collins, S.R.V., Jimmy Vaughan, T. Bone Walker, Wayne Bennett, All of the Great Blues Artists of America and beyond,... All the fans who helped when there was no light at the end of the tunnel, as well as anybody I may have forgot...

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