$$$ We are buying GIBSON
   Guitars, Basses, Amps.
We pay from $25 to $50,000!
   "We pay more than GEORGE,
   you know who!"
   Tell us what you have,
we're ready to buy.

   Gibson Guitars  

62 SG LES PAUL CUSTOM, ebony block, white, 3 unsoldered PAFs with stickers, they don't get any cleaner than this!! Near Mint!!! This is a one owner guitar who by 1964, had put it away. Has tags, very rare 3 ply, 5 screw white pickgaurd, totally unmolested. We took it apart for the first time. Talk about rare! Find another Custom Color Polaris White with an Ebony Block!!!! ohsc, This is a serious guitar. CASH + a 1950s Gibson Les Paul Banjo Hollow Body PAFs Goldtop??? Headstock pic, neckjoint pic. It has a 2 stamped on the headstock, but if you can find any flaws, we'll, take a dollar off! Ohh. Did we mention the 1961 TWEED Gibson Maestro Deluxe Amp? Clean tweed, reverb and vibrato, 12" Jenson, and sounds like a tweed Deluxe, but with rev., and tremelo!!! Amp sold. $$CALL
77 MK 35, some issues as in top cracks, some repaired, plays great, nohsc $579
81 LES PAUL STD., burgandy, back shows wear, ohsc (pic is not the original case) , vg+ $1500
83 EXPLORER, KORINA, ohsc, extra strap button hole, ex- $3500


   CALL/248-420-8499 E-MAIL    gtrs@rockindaddys.com

   $$$ We are buying FENDER
   Guitars, Amps, Basses.
   We pay from $25 to $50,000!
   "We pay more than both STAN's!"
   Tell us what you have,
We're ready to buy.

   Fender Guitars  

53 DELUXE, 5C3, serviced, 1 n/o knob, 60' P12R, vg+ $1599
53 DELUXE, 5C3, clean clean cab, not serviced, non original speaker, oxidatation on control panel, nice amp, cons. $1599
58 BASSMAN, 5F6-A, original tweed trannies, serviced, 4 x MOJO 10s , vg++ $4700
58 HI POWER TWEED TWIN, 99% there, trannys , and grill (cleaned it with Oxyclean, and looks like reissue grill now, but its not!!) 2 59  black P 12 Ns. Unreal tone, serviced. Had a tolex over the tweed, theres a small gummy residue, thats still coming off, One day it will be all off. Both back panels intact. Leather handle broke. Outside of that, its like, GAWD! $17K (c)
66 STRAT, SONIC BLUE over LPB, extra hole in lower horn from a lefty, pic 3, pic 4, under pickgaurd, neck pocket, neck date, ex- $21.5K
67 PRO REV, JBL D 120s, had casters, has that nice pissed off sound, 100%, $2500
68 2x15 cab only, vg+ $299, think we're gonna ship this? Fuck no!
70 STRAT, sunburst, r/b, late 70 guitar,  no extra routs, F tuners back on, vg+, nohc, trem $7200
76 JAZZ BASS, sunburst, maple neck, slight buckle rash, clean $2500
79 STRAT, m/b, black, trem, ohsc, vg+  $1800
89 MIJ lefty STRAT, black, r/b, n/o case, good guitar $299
97 MIJ STRAT, lefty, black, n/o gig bag, ex-$299


   CALL/248-420-8499 E-MAIL    gtrs@rockindaddys.com  


   $$$ We are buying all kinds of
   GUITARS for CA$H $$$
   We pay from $25 to $50,000!
   "We pay more than the others do!"
   Tell us what you have,
we're ready to buy.

   Misc. Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, etc....  

61 AIRLINE LES PAUL, rocks for slide! ossc, ex- $349
by KAY, 3 p/u's, no gaurd, $349
63 EPI SORRENTO, Royal Green, repro tuneamatic, 100%, nossc $1299
64 TEXAN, fac. installed p/u like a J 160, ossc, huge sound, vg+ $1699
, pro neck set, repro bridge, crack in pickgaurd, ohsc, vg++, $3500
77 MARTIN D 35, ohsc, ex-, plays great, 100% $1999
82 GUILD FS-46, ohsc, cool thangy $849
BANTAM, nohc, vg+ $399
80s STEINBERGER GR-4, USA, gig bag, white, trans trem, nice $1299


   CALL/248-420-8499 E-MAIL    gtrs@rockindaddys.com  


   $$$ We are buying all kinds
   of Amps, Parts and Fx.
   We pay from $25 to $50,000!
   Tell us what you have,
we're ready to buy.

   Misc. Amps, Parts, Fx  

1952 HAMMOND C-2 w/ JR 20 TONE CAB, Trek II, B-3 mod, minor water and smoke damage $1999
50s relic'd GIBSON p/u selectorswitch tips $45 each on order, better than historic!
54-55 KLUSON, no line, single ring, repro buttons that are no longer made, for a LP Goldtop $650
1 65-74 KLUSON, double ring line, for a 335 or SG $35
50s repro GIBSON Truss Rod covers, looks right $79 each, better than historic!
1954-1965 REPRO Strat pickups, pass as originals$449 for 3 w/o covers
A set of 1962 STRAT repro pickups, correct winding and ohms, $449 w/o covers
Repro Broadcaster/Nocaster/Telecaster pickups, relic'd and ready $349 a set
54 REPRO BAKE-A-LITE Strat switch tips, p/u covers 'RARE' $CALL
68 SUPER REV Power tranny only, works $150
Misc. Power trannies! for Twin Rev, Super Rev, Pro Rev, etc $CHEAP
50s UNIVERSAL 15" speaker, $59 make an offer!!!
TEESE RMC3, made for ROCKIN DADDYS exclusively,  made for us since 1996, its the older brutha to the Picture and LE RMC 3 wah. Halo inductor, NOS carbon comp and tropical fish, with heavy RFI filtering. $399 sale $359
PICTURE WAH in stock $235
70s THOMAS WAH's, Many in stock, from $99, 03 inductors from $175
70s patent # humbucker, $200
76 Fender Catalog, vg+ $69
High gain p/u $69
DiMarzio high gain P 90s $79 each
2 C-12N BELLCOVER'S @ $39 each
DETROIT made FUZZ ACE, 'Foxy Lady' Tone $89
EV 10's EV 15's JBL D130's JBL D110's $$CALL
PEDALTRAIN pedalboard, including gig bag, retail $199 ours $179
We are dealers for TEESE WAH's, and the legendary RMC3RD!
Dealer, The TONE PUMP & BURN UNIT in stock $195 ea.
FULLTONE Power Supplies $19.95 ours $12
TS-9 mods w /808 chip and carbon comp resisters $45 per mod
TS-9 mods to 808 / KLON chip and carbon comp resisters $75, or $45 w/ RD's 808 mod
86 TS 10, 808 mod, manual, no box ex- $100
CHANDLER, by B.K. Butler TUBEDRIVER, w/o wallwart, EJ model, in ex condition $325
MAESTRO ECHOPLEX EP 1, minty fresh, 1 owner, recent service, non original knobs (take that dollar off)
$1200 the real thing goes up in value, always!!!
Z.VEX TREM PROBE, list $379, $CALL
Z.VEX FUZZ PROBE, list $399, $CALL
, list $350, $CALL
Z.VEX SUPER HARDON, the name says it all! list $199, ours $179
Z.VEX SEEK WAH, very cool fx, list $350 $CALL
64 TWIN REV POWER  & OUTPUT trannies, both for $300
60 JENSEN P 15Q, pro recone $199
60s JBL D110, D120, D130, D41s, recones original, from $199
JBL E110 $150
60s VOX 846, nice sounds, repro top, sounds like Jimi! $399
NAYLOR 50 watt 10" speakers $69
67/68 JMP 50 BLUESBREAKER 2 x 12 COMBO, 100%, pre Rola Celstians, sounds pissed off as hell! These amps closed the gap on Dumbles, and are the new standard for high end amps! Original brown grill cloth (smooth and rubbery), trannies, and tolex. Replaced logo. $12000
2002 JTM 45 OFFSET & 4 x 12 cab, unreal tones! $4000
87 MARSHALL JCM 800 combo
, 2 x 12, clean and original, $850
2003 FUCHS OVERDRIVE SUPREME COMBO, 100 wt 6L6, rev, and RARE TREMELO, 12" EV, new, retail $4600, $3999
70s Fender Fuzz Wah, bc 108s, serviced, Huge Tones!!! $299
76 EH BASS BALLS, w/box, ex+ $249
70s PAS 320 power amp, a real pos! consigned $250
90s NADY WIRELESS 121, ex $100
90s ROLAND R-8, consigned, ex- $399
90s MXR Dyna Comp Phase 90, ex+ $60 ea.
90s VOX reissue wah w/ RMC1 upgrade board Roc Pot $219
90s COMMUNITY SOUND cabs, 1 x 15", horn, both for $850
90s reissue MARSHALL 4x12, straight, 25 watt greenbacks, as new, $679
90s JBL PA, 4735 + 4718s $3.5K takes all!
NORMANS RARE GUITARS book, un-fuggin real! $100
GUITAR PLAYER MAGS, from '73-'98,
Loads of Guitar World, Musician, other Guitar Mags, $CALL

We know people who know famous people, just like you!!!

The WALL OF SHAME, Rockin Daddys collection ! Not For Sale. Trades maybe!
ELVIS after purchasing cool vintage guitars from Randy at Rockin Daddys!
All of DETROITS Blues Cats, the day before demolishing Fortune Records!
thats me, 3rd from the left in the front row, freezing my balls off!
Heres a link to Randy Volin & The Sonic Blues web site.
Randy after playing a gig with Jr. Wells.
RV owned Albert Kings V in the 80s. Heres SRV playing it!
Randy after playing a gig with the great SRV in Detroit.
Randy after playing a gig with Z.Z.Top in Texas.
Randy after a gig with B.B. King at Pine Knob Theater.
Jamin' with the man, Hubert Sumlin! at Sulleys, Dig the big hair!!!
Duke Robillard talking me out of some killer old guitars at a show!!!
Randy Robben Ford gabbing about Dumble amps Oct 99.
A 1999 TDP-RI hang at PINE KNOB, James Pennebacker, myself
and daughter Breanne, Leroy Parnell Yo George!
Randy and harp master, Kenny Dore, in San Francisco, July 2000
Halloween blues cats, Randy, Steve Mark (The Alligators), Nickki James
Opening for Lonnie Brooks, thats Vinnie Dombrowski on drums, lead vox for SPONGE.
Randy & Vinnie Dombrowski after playing Detroit's 300th b'day bash!
Bluesman Alvin Hart passing thru Rockin' Daddy's.
After a gig with the king of British Blues, John Mayall.
Hanging with Texas powerhouse, Buddy Whittington.
Howlin Wolf
at the Ann Arbor Blues Jazz Festival, 1972.
Our friend 'Handsome Dan' Collins Chris Duarte jammin' at Sulleys.
3 Stooges jammin'! Thats a nice meatballs, boys!
3 Tweeds for a ransom! A 55', 58', and 60' Bassman amps.
Look what Santa got me!!
A plain but awesome, double white's, 59 Burst!
A real 1958/1962 EXPLORER sold at a garage sale in Kalamazoo MI, in 1982 for $25!!
all photos and copy, are copyrite protected by Rockin Daddys (c) 2005 & 2006


We Do Appraisels on all Stringed Instruments, Amps, and Effects.

To appraise instruments, amps, effects, or Hammond organs accurately, we ideally need to see it and examine it in person.
We also do online appraising. Please send pics of front and back, with an email address. We will then contact you for payment before we do an appraisel. We except all credit cards. For instruments you cannot bring to our store in person, please send us the following:

1. Clear color front and back photo prints of the instrument, including the case too.
2. Serial number and any other numbers, including the area where these numbers are found
3. Descriptions of any modifications/damage/repairs not visible in the photos.
4. A list of any repairs that need to be done to the instrument,
5. $25 per instrument. (Cash, credit cards, or check drawn from a bank in the U.S.A.)
6. Your daytime and evening phone number, email address, and any other questions or remarks you may have.
Please call us for more information or to schedule an appraisal in person.
Call anytime 24 hours, 7 days a week, 248-420-8499



                                                                 *All Pics are special order only*

  HENDRIX at Cobo Hall, Detroit (1969), $100 each
  2 different photos

  JEFF BECK at The Grande, Detroit,  on a flamed out 'Burst' (1967), $100
  JIMMY PAGE at The Grande Ballroom, Detroit (1969), $85

  SRV (1985), $CALL
  Jimmie Lee Vaughan Solo Promo Pic $CALL
  PETER GREEN playing a 59 Les Paul  Burst at The Grande, Detroit (1968), $150
  CLAPTON (1967), $200
  PETE TOWNSEND, playing an SG Special, $85
  MICK TAYLOR, playing a BURST, $85
  Last photo together, original Fender issue from 1995 $1000
  FREE!!! (to download) JOHNNY CASH says   "Thank You"
  to the Nashville Music Establishment Country Radio
  Fender issued SRV poster, only 200 made, w/paperwork, framed, $1000

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   Abbreviations used in our descriptions.  


   mc=mint condition
   ex=excellent condition
   vg= very good condition
   gc=good condition
   fc=fair condition
   pc=poor condition
   pos=piece of shit
   rpos=real piece of shit
rfpos=real fucking piece of shit
   s/s= solid state
   m/v=master volume
   hsc=hard shell case
   ohsc=original hard shell case
   ssc=soft shell case
   ossc=original soft shell case
   gb=gig bag
   csb=cherry sunburst
   tsb=tobacco sunburst
   m/b=maple fretboard
   r/b=rosewood fretboard
   !@#$%^*= paid alot for it, now you can too!
pnyp= pay next year's price
   sn=serial number
   mim= Made in Mexico
   mij= Made in Japan
   mik= Made in Korea
   US= Made in US
   nsn=no serial number
   new=new instrument
   nib=new in box
   as new=like new or shop wear

   pmf=pull my finger
wtf=what the fuck
wtfu=wake the fuck up